Day 65

Map of territory covered Day 65

Map of territory covered Day 65

A most dissatisfying day. I find my self ill at ease and unsure what to do. I made my way to the temple again, but when I arrived I found I still did not want to enter.  I told myself it was because I had to know what lay under the stone guardians, but I was relieved to think that using up my eight bombs would mean I would have to put off the start of the temple again while I gathered more.

Not sure what is quite wrong with me. I should be eager! I have collected but one, ONE of the triforce. Afterwards, a bit regretful, I went to find the nearby store to buy more bombs and stop putting off the task at hand. I should have looked at my journal because then I would have known that the Eastern Maze Merchant does not actually sell bombs.

I thought to wend my way towards the Northeastern Tektite Glen merchant, perhaps collecting enough bombs along the way as to make paying the merchant obsolete. Alas, I was careless.  I died on the doorstep of the fairy pond. A bitter place to die.

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