Making Maps: Updating the Map To Date

Map to Date, Day 63

Map to Date, Day 63

While I’ve been able to focus on making daily maps based on the processes before for both the overworld and with a few adjustments for the Moon Temple Underworld as well, I’ve avoided going back and redoing the “Maps To Date.”

The hard part was going to be tracking down all the images I used to keep the new maps consistent with the older maps.  The processes was made easier by the fact that Pages documents are really browsable packages. It was easy to extract the files but apparently their color profiles had been shifted such that my script no longer worked.  Doh.  You could see the color shift when two were open together in the blues especially. Since I want the map to appear uniform, this means going back and locating all the files. (faster than popping my head into the world of color profile hell and trying to unshift them).

Since on the scheme of things there were so few of them (around 60) and Radio Lab was playing on KPCC, I just used the preserved file names from the Pages’ documents Data folder to find the most of the files’ original source using copy-paste into the finder window’s Spotlight box. Nothing fancy at all.

For a few of the earlier files I had pasted them into the table so their file names weren’t there. I went back to my earliest screenshots that were still living in iPhoto and pulled them out.

It was very very tempting to use more exciting later images for some of the panels, but I’m sticking with the “first entrance” policy.  Perhaps when I wrap up I’ll make a better tapestry.

This upgraded process means when I (cough, Link) explores new territory I can just drag new (prefixed) files into a master folder and re-process the map. Faster, easier and smaller file sized than the previous Pages-based mega map.  Win.

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