Getting Screen Captures

When I first started out I was manually taking screenshots at important moments. This left a lot of interesting experiences undocumented and kept me from really being able to play the game. I died a lot trying to learn how to do that.

I looked into video screen captures but it slows down the process too much. There is software you can buy that swears it can handle gameplay and video captures, but that was too much for me to want to spend on this little side project.

So instead with a little internet searching I found the solution, a simple line to type into the command line to take periodic images while I play.

while [ 1 ];do vardate=$(date +%d\-%m\-%Y\_%H.%M.%S); screencapture -t png -x ~/Desktop/ZeldaSnaps/$vardate.png; sleep 4; done

I still need to take certain images by hand (Link’s death scenes) just to make sure they happen, but in large this has been a great way to record the process. I have ended up with screens I never would have been fast enough to capture on my own and can remind myself as I write the entries what I was thinking much faster than if I had try to do a video review.

Links for more information:

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