Making Maps, Version 1: The slow way

Right now maps are made by a fairly tedious process.

I look at all the images from a day, select which ones will be used for the map and then manually drag them to a table in Pages. The images become table cell background images, set as “Scale to Fill.”

The ideal ratio for the images, is around 3:4, the original TV aspect ratio that the game was played on. As the maps progress am setting the row slightly wider (2.27:3)  because I actually like the slight black line hinting at the border.

The process of making a map with Pages.

The process of making a map with Pages.


From Pages:

  • export as PDF (Best Quality)
  • open in Preview
  • crop in Preview
  • export as PNG (250 pixels / inch)

I am 100% sure I can make this process easier with ImageMagick. It is question of finding the time to save time.

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