Day 66

All the territory explored on Day 66

All the territory explored on Day 66


This morning I woke up in my glen with a bit of inspiration. I am uneasy, why not go visit my silent sister to the west? She is calm and peaceful.  I have a letter that might be for her anyway. As long as I am avoiding the temple I might as well make myself useful.

This turns out to be exactly the right course of action.  Once I show her the letter, she agrees to sell me medicine, “The Water of Life” to restore my health. I pay her for the bottle with two servings. I am not yet sure of the difference. She also gives me a great gift of knowledge.  Her name is Impa, a protector of the Princess Zelda, who I am sworn to aid.

I now understand that all the creatures have their own names that I will strive to use.  It is a bit sad to know that I am not the true discoverer of these beasts, free to name that at will.

From there I go to the bomb just north, but in the end I am reluctant to spend money when I can only carry half of my purchase away.  I leave and head to the fairy pond to restore my health.  Once restored, I head to the fairy pond in the east and explore that area.

I did much exploring and testing and running back to the fairy pond when I was starting to feel ill. It is difficult to reflect that just by recording a map of the territories visited, so I include a more full recording.

Of particular interest to me was whether my arrows work against the hateful sand creatures and the flying propeller creatures.  They do work against the sand creatures, to my thrill, and I am able to collect the dropped bounty with another arrow through the same spot. This does not make sense to me, I’ll admit, how it magically appears in my pocket after shooting it… with the boomerang it returns to me… but my flying sword works the same way, although that is a magical phenomena. I suppose this means my arrows are magic too. That would make sense given that I can create them from rubies as I go.  I am honored to have such fine powers supporting me, but I’ll admit that my life does not make sense. Perhaps that is contributing to my malaise.

Although it will cost me to shoot an arrow, this trick will easier than having to switch weapons mid battle so I suspect I will use this trick when the reward has more value to me than the one ruby.

My next thought is to try to make some faster money to return my purse to 100 by revisiting the subterranean treasure guardians.  I am sad to report that at least one of them was not still there, and I died trying to confirm the other.  A disappointment, both the death and the lack of treasure, to be sure. However, I suppose it is greedy of me to expect those poor monsters to continue collecting and guarding treasure alone under the ground only for me to come collect it.

I am running out of things to do… I suspect on the morrow I will have to make my way to the temple for real.



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