Day 64

Map of the travels on Day 64

Map of the travels on Day 64

Today I spent gathering rubies, investigating what lives under the two remaining statues in the forrest, and exploring the effects of fire.

I am learning to stalk cautiously and I slowly make my way back to the forrest to the east of the temple. I must kill all the creatures that live there so I can examine the ruins in peace. As I learned at great cost when investigating the statues in the glen on day 58, these monsters seem to flow through and not stay in their appointed watch areas as much in this region. I must be cautious.

After much effort and sneaking and gleeful snacking on every heart I can find and befriending every fairy I meet I am in excellent health when upon reaching the plain below the second temple. My sword sings forth, but sadly not for long.  In the end I must resort to arrows. I am reluctant to use them as I am trying to save my resources for when I return to the temple.  But this is a discovery! I finally relent and finish of the last of the beastly soldiers and am alone with the sleeping stone warriors.

In my last encounter with these somnolent stones, a few days before, I was backed in a corner and approached them from behind. I attempt the same now and just as the hulking beast shudders and the dust of ages falls from its skin I light my fuse, carefully placing over its shoulder and onto its breast plate. Fleeing to a safe distance, I watch as statue and shrapnel vaporize in a cloud of smoke.  The tendrils clear to reveal a stair case! I found my bow at the bottom of stairs… In the other glen was a marvelous jewel! With no enemies around me I can savor my imagining of what I might find.

On the off chance there might be another staircase, I destroy the other statue, too. I have a brief pang of concern over the historical record it may represent, but my safety and love of treasure win out.

Down the dark staircase I again encounter and oddly friendly monster who seems to have no qualms about my making off with his guarded treasure.   I leave 30 rubies richer and again fine the statues magically restored.

I decide to continue my exploration of fire, although my candle still seems relatively useless outside of the temples like the one discovered a few days ago. The flame does hurt and repel enemies (and myself), but it seems to be a magic fire that cannot touch the vegetation.  Perhaps the plants in this region are just to wick and alive to yield to the licking flame?

There is this one lone tree blocking my path to the south of here. It is so very temptingly slim… I go attempt to burn it down, but I am corned and killed in the process before I can know for sure!

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