Day 63, afternoon.

Map of the afternoon's journey. (Day 63)

Map of the afternoon’s journey. (Day 63)

So I arrived at the temple. I shifted uncomfortably in the doorway. It looks so familiar to all the ones I’ve seen so far. It is damp. It is dark. It is a beautiful day outside. I have unexplored territories on my map.

I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. I can’t commit to another week inside a moldering death trap. I tell myself I will return when I have 100 rubies to support my arrows and have that one small corner of the easter seaboard that I have yet to explore revealed.

I flee the darkness into the sun… and OH! am I rewarded! I meet the old man twice.

Once he proves to be a trickster charlatan. Enticining me into a game that is no better than a street urchin’s ruse. I refuse to play more than once. It cost me dearly to find him in his elaborate seaside retreat. I leave annoyed.

As I leave I see a small track leading up and away to a small cliff overlooking the sea. I travel it and find my friend again, this time returned to his role of guide. He gives me a letter and tells me to bring it to the old woman. I wonder if he mean the creature who told me to meet him in the grave yard, but perhaps in the place where she was silent? Will this prompt her to talk?

When I leave the cave I think to cross over to the cave I did not explore back on day 60 out of fear of the tektites guarding it and my ill health.  I think I will arrive there if I take the northern route, again past the tektites. I will be fast, I think. Sadly when I am barely off the stairs I am sprung upon and die.


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