Day 77, afternoon


From Leaving the Moon Temple to recovering the white sword.

Day 77: From Leaving the Moon Temple to recovering the white sword.

This afternoon I am still quite surprised by having made it through that last run of the temple.  I am not entirely sure what to do.  I look over my full map. I look over the map of the green temple, the third, the one called Manji Temple. Would that I had seen Impa’s guide that first day. That is where I must head now, but I am intrigued by old man asking me if I had gotten the sword at the top of the waterfall.  I can see the waterfall. It seems like the old man was warning me that I’d need it in the third temple, perhaps for the soldiers Impa calls Darknuts.

I decide to head north to the waterfall.  The trip to the waterfall is largely uneventful and by operating with stealth I arrive in full health. I passed by some of the stone soldiers, armos, on the journey. I was tempted to see what lies beneath, but stayed my hand. The sword is more important to me now and I may need those bombs to vanquish Lynel, the lion-man-horse I spied in my first foray into that northern most territory.

I manage to wound Lynel with my sword singing forth from my hand, but my full health doesn’t last but for mere moments as Zola’s expectorations of doom catch me when I am at an angle to her, focused on Lynel.

I pursue Lynel around the pond and attack and attack and attack. It was not glamorous or stylish or nobel, but it proved to be effective.

Undecided, I decide to head to the fairy pond to replenish my health, for lack of a better idea.  I try to return via the eastern passage, but I am once again stuck in the surreal space vortex that protects the entrance to the 5th temple so I must loop around to the west. I apparently have lost all the confidence I had at the outset, every little beast seems to clip at my heals until I am worn down into paste. I don’t know how I forgot about Impa’s health potion. I could have restored myself, but instead just a few lengths away from the fairy pond I die at the hands of an easy foe, the blue tektites.


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