Day 77, Morning

From start to completion.  After a week, I emerge from the temple!

From start to completion. After a week, I emerge from the temple!

A most eventful day! I quite to my surprise have made it through the Moon Temple.  I passed by at least one treasure assuming I would have to pass that way again. I find myself blinking in the sun..

But as the day starts… I was quite fatigued. Ready to try once again to head to the Blue Goriya. I am not sure why, but I was quite convinced they were holding something special. I have discovered a boomerang and a bow in these underworlds. I suspected I might get another weapon for my arsenal.

Confronting the Last Blue Goriya

Confronting the Last Blue Goriya

And I did! I entered the room in adequate health, with arrows armed and immediately began firing, headless of the cost.  With two vanquished,  I began to hear my heart pound in warning.  I drank my healing position… immediately  I was restored to health, but almost immediately again I lost it, so there was no time to switch to my sword.  Eventually I slew the last Blue Goriya, with much frantic running on my part. He died dropping his boomerang, the color of moonlight, to the floor.


The sandbeast, Moldorm

The sandbeast, Moldorm

This new boomerang has tremendous range. I am pleased and hope it has enough force to kill the ropes on contact. Moving back through the chambers I enter a sand pit with a fascinating glowing snake, a moldorm according to Impa’s Guide. Much to my confusion, the silver boomerang has no effect. What was the point? I rush past it into the room on the right. There in the center of the room is a bomb pack, but I eyeing the bats and my almost full bomb bag, I do not grab it. I think to use my current stash to fight the moldorm and return for the bombs when i am done. Instead, upon entering the moldorm’s lair I return to my arrows and pick off its segments one by one. It proves a fast expedient way to dispatch the beast. I leave the bombs where they are, since I assume I will be dying again soon, and will pick them up on my second trip.

My sage friend gives me advice.

My sage friend gives me advice.

But I don’t die.  Although upon entering the chamber to the north of the sandpit there are multiple ropes, and the magical boomerang fails to kill them, they can be stunned at a further distance. I kill them off, moving to the locked door to the east rather than the trap door to the north.  I can make quick work of the gels, but I notice, now with the increased range, that if I move from where I am standing the magical boomerang will curve towards me.  This seems like it will be useful.

The final gel releases a its treasure of 5 rubies.

In the chamber to the north I once again meet my sage friend who warns me that Dodongo  does not like smoke. He has mentioned this Dodongo before In my quick visit to the 5th Temple?? I now have Impa’s guide and I see a menacing orange beast. Is this what awaits me? I shrug it off for now, because again I assume my day will restart before I reach this Dodongo.

The Red Goriya drop a cache of bombs.  A hint?

The Red Goriya drop a cache of bombs. A hint?

Returning through the temple I go north and am immediately locked into a room swarming with red goriya. Again with the longer ranged boomerang I can stun them from afar.  They make for quick work and the last one reveals a stash of bombs with his dying breath… oh that breath! The entire time  I can hear the beast breathing in the next room.  The bombs next to the room with the moldorm,   these bombs, the old man mentioning smoke – which the bombs do… I suspect I will need all 8 of the bombs in my bag to slay the heavy breather.


Dodongo hungry.

Dodongo hungry.


As it turns out Impa’s guide is correct and nothing I hurl at the lumbering giant reptile can get through its hide. Not the magical boomerang. Not an arrow. Not even bombs. Yes. Not even bombs. I feel deceived, except suddenly, when Dodongo is quite close to me, I drop a bomb and he swallows it whole! It seems to not agree with him, and that appears to be the trick. Get him to SWALLOW the bombs. It takes me a bit of coordinated effort, but I do, and he dies. Leaving a heart and a heart container.

After the triforce, emergence!

After the triforce, emergence!


I can move on to the triforce chamber and claim my prize.  Afterwards I emerge and breathe while I decide where to travel next.

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