Day 40, afternoon

Map of the day's travels in my first day in the blue temple.

Map of the day’s travels in my first day in the blue temple.

It was most surprising to wake up refreshed, without having died. Is it possible, then, to simply sleep? And how are they connected? Sleeping and dying? When I wake after death it is with a gasp, and inhale so sharp and profound some mornings it lifts me to my feet. This was gentle. Almost more like waiting in darkness. It seemed to take much longer, to sleep and wake, than to die and resurrect. I am not sure which one is more disquieting.

Enough, the adventure.

The day was long, best told in pictures.


  • If I am in full health even the most fearsome foe falls in one or two hits of my flying blade. If I am not in full health I fall to the feeblest of foes. Still, even with the new shield.  There is something I am missing.
  • In some chambers a single monster may hold the treasure. In other, all must be slain for the magic to be revealed.  There seems to be a hint of which is which, but I have only caught it in reviewing my experience of the day.


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