Day 13

Path: 0NW1 (Red Tektites), 0NW2 (cave spotted), 0NW1, 1NW1 (merchant’s glen), 1N0E, 1NW1, 1NW2, 0NW2 (far side of river, Death)

Completely free, I head neither East nor North. I can head west! New territory again! I am confronted with Tektites… but they are different. They are yellow and fast moving. I am happy that I come into this meadow at full strength. My sword sails and I vanquish them all while remaining at full strength.

I am not so luck in my journey west. Again I face the river, but there is no bridge and all the monsters of the world have sought sanctuary here. Leevers of different colors, a new flying beast, the cursed Zola with her balls of spite.  I flee as fast as I can, but not before I am wounded… or before I spot a cave on the far side.  A new goal!

I travel east and then north to get to the merchants glen, and happily I am able to recover one of the hearts of the Octorok. I head east again to find more Octorok hearts… but foolish foolish adventurer I am! I do recover enough to regain full strength, but, thinking of my shield, I try to slay the last Octorok, in case it brings me even one ruby closer.  I am slightly hurt, which costs me my flying sword. No matter.  I will still head west to cross the bridge.

Once again when I arrive at the bridge all of the fearsome creatures appear in a puff of smoke… where do they go? What fearsome force seems to create these entities just to thwart my aspirations? Can the world be so against me? But no… I must not dwell…

I gain the far side of the river a sneak down a small track to the south. There I am quickly attacked by a Leever. My feet grow clumsy and I panic… seeking to fight the lever rather than seek quick safety. Curse my temper. As my head hits the ground I smell the cool of the cave.

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