Day 12

Path: North 1, West 2

Although I did not reach my victory by gaining the eastern most boarder, I have awoken this morning feeling free. I do not have to go east. I let the dew settle on my skin. I am at liberty to run without decided destination.  I always was. But now I know it.  My quest is weighty, I must not add the burden of false constraint.

Heading north I find a glen filled with red Octoroks, who drop a heart and release a fairy friend.  I watch her with contentment as she flies away.  I do not know her purpose, but she seems a symbol of hope. I pause, looking to the east, wondering if perhaps there might be an easier road to the coast at this latitude… but I am not ready. I worry about the return of grim determination. I move west.

And am rewarded! A cave! Quickly vanquishing more of the red Octoroks, I enter to  find a market. A shield! A SHIELD! That. That has now become my hearts desire.  The other two items, a key and a blue candle I am sure I will discover a need for… but a SHIELD. If I am to travel in this land I will need better protection.

Relieved to know that such an item exist, I journey forth to find a way to make the money needed.

I keep moving west with joy and fascination. No matter how many more times I fall, a better way will be possible!

To the west i find a river with a bridge. I must remember this crossing although it is quite well protected.  With every fiber of my being a win my way across the water. Content to die where I have never died before.

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