Day 81, morning


All the travels I made this morning until I hit a new labyrinth quite by accident.

All the travels I made this morning until I hit a new labyrinth quite by accident.

I fought through the night on Day 80, and I emerge from the Manji Temple on the dawn of the 81st Day. I begin my exploring without much aim, completely unsure of where I might find the next temple. Temple 4, the Labyrinth of the Snake.  Quite by surprise, I find it. I am taking a rest now while I decide whether to push further or retreat.

I wander a bit, slaying my foes half heartedly along the way. The creatures in the dead forrest do not seem to be guarding so many bombs as they were just yesterday. I must have depleted them completely. I decide to purchase bombs from the nearby merchant, perhaps he will have ideas and news.

I can’t remember if I had ever bought bombs before and if so are they are 20 rubies for for 8 or 20 rubies for just 4. Just in case the bombs are remarkably cheap I decide to use up my final two on the armos just north of the store.  It is quite the fight, but eventually I slay the guardian leevers and embark on methodically destroying the armos.

Underneath one of the armos I encounter another merchant with very special wares. Impa’s guide informs me that the ring will diminish the attack of my enemies by half.  It seems a worthy prize, but at very dear cost. I cannot afford the ring, but I am tempted by the bait! It will apparently lure some types of enemies to a towards it so I can than attack them unawares.  Since I am not sure when I will be back, I purchase the bait.

I remember some of the docks on the eastern edge of the continent, including one with a special heart on it, and I determine I should investigate if my raft will help me. Heading east I spot the doc on the lake that I had not thought of. It seems a slight thing to see what happens when I step on to it… and suddenly I am afloat, heading to an island that the fog over the lake concealed.

There is another entranceway… I hesitate, having just emerged exhausted from the third temple just  moments ago… but I must know which challenge lies before me. From the markings it appears to be the Snake Labyrinth. I sit and rest, trying to decide what to do about my unexpected find.

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