Day 80, evening

Completion of the Manji Temple.

Completion of the Manji Temple.

I re-entered the temple refreshed from my bath of sunlight.  I think that respite is what refreshed me for this near perfect evening.

I collected the easy treasure of the lowlier creatures, but avoided the first chamber of darknuts. Curving towards the east I returned to the last chamber I saw in my previous visit, also containing darknuts.


Chaos in Death's antechamber.

Chaos in Death’s antechamber.

Fortune favored me, and with my care I was able to slay all three with just three of my bombs. This is a relief because I knew not what to expect next. What I am welcomed to in the next chamber is being sealed in to a pit of deadly chaos: keese, zols and the unkillable balls of power.  I focus on the keese and zols hoping that ending them will be enough.  Luckily it is and the door to the north opens.


A great hovering beast that Impa’s Guide calls the Manhandla greats me and only fortune of my falling to my right upon entering saves me from instant death. I quickly drink my water of Life to recover the strength to withstand such an entity and ready my bomb satchel…

And then it was over…?  I suspect I got very very lucky as to the placement of my bombs.  Befuddled, I moved into the chamber with the triforce and claimed my prize.

A stunningly quick victory.

A stunningly quick victory.



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