Day 63, morning

Map of the morning's journey.

Map of the morning’s journey.

Inspecting the map from the previous day I decided to make way  through the missing territories.  I do not like having areas of unexplored territories in my midsts.

My goal was speed, and to swing by the eastern fairy pond to restore along the way. A visit to the pond proved to be unnecessary. I met at least 3 fairs along the way.  Sining me along, they seem to be urging me forward into the new lands.

An, like a miracle, I arrive at the foot of the stairs in full health, the bodies of the slain octoroks dissolving into the sand around me.

I move cautiously up the stairs, unsure of what I might find, but surely it must be important, on so high of a hill overlooking forrest and desert both.

And it is. A glimmering temple, again. I slay the paltry guardian octorok and enter.

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