Day 58

All the regions visited on day 58

All the regions visited on day 58

When reviewing the map from Day 55, I realized there was a territory missing, far to the east, but near where I had two routes to get to it. Looping east and north up along the shore I then turned south through the forrest running as fast as I could away from the the irksome beasts.

I was greeted by a quiet meadow with two of the stone statues that come alive when you hit them. I stood at the mouth of the glen for a moment or two, wondering why the would be here. There must be something they are guarding… but how do I slay them…? Will something appear when they are gone like in the temple?

During my reverie a host of foes come streaming in from the forest. I must think and fight at the same time. I decide to use the bombs that worked so well against the dragon and the same approach. I run into the statue (carefully from behind), drop a bomb.

It works!

I run into the dark gave to receive… 10 rubies. This somewhat meager reward felt very anti climatic for the effort and the bombs. I little the blue flame in case there might be something else. Nothing.

I leave the chamber… I run, I die, still befuddled, but glad to have removed the mystery of what this region held solved and recorded.

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