Day 51

I find the sea to the East!

I find the sea to the East!


The first thing I notice when I wake, and it is a horror, I do not have full health. What is this cruel trick??!!! I have gained the chance for greater health, but I am handicapped now compared to what I was. I cannot count on death to bring me complete renewal.  This seems a poor bargain. My sword will sleep in my hand rather than spring forth like a companion and ally! The dawn seems lonelier.

Thankfully it does not seem to be too hard to find octoroks and tektites with sufficiently healthy hearts to bring me up to strength.

The old man in the temple had exhorted me to search the eastern peninsula and that is what I attempt to do. It is with much greater ease that I travel the coastline, curving northward I spot a cave. I am in poor health so I make for its refuge.  Inside is another market and I happily have all the necessary funds to by the arrow.

I have decided to record all the locations of the merchants, with their goods listed. So far they have not been entirely unique other than the first merchant, but that may change.

I decide to spend the last of my strength learning the limits of my new weapon.   It makes quick work of the most fearsome foes, however it costs me a ruby every time I shoot an arrow.  It is a strange phenomena.  It makes sense that arrows would cost, but why do I not have to pay for them upfront? And what happens when my purse is empty? How large is my purse? There is much to understand.

I perish happy about the arrows, but troubled by the troubling new situation about my health.

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