Day 50, morning.

From entrance to exit. My last day in the blue dungeon.

From entrance to exit. My last day in the blue dungeon.


A most thrilling morning! Again I set out in my quest to light the blue flame in all the chambers of the dark temple.  I am more careful this time. I have learned that the flame can hurt both me and my enemies if either of us run through it. Sadly the bats are not attracted to it.

Perhaps in the back of my mind I hoped I might be able to try a second assault on the fearsome dragon, but I doubt if I do I will win.

I do eventually make it to the dragon’s chamber, fleetly avoiding the fists of doom by not running next to the walls.  I stand and stare at the dragon for a long time. I have learned that I can hurt it with my sword from below. I watch it move back and forth, slowly inching its way further out of the safety of the doorway.  I arm the bombs, because I suspect the boomerang will have little effect on such a giant beast.

Unsure of what will happen I rush forth and drop as many flaming bombs as I can in quick succession, expecting to be deeply damaged in the onslaught.  I only have time to drop 2, they destroy the dragon and I seem to be unaffected by their blast.

Stunned, I devour the shimmering dragons’ heart and proceed deeper into its lair… where the glittering fringe of my dreams awaits me. I have a dim recollection from the old man in the glen that it might be called  a Triforce, and that my goal is to collect the pieces… but this memory seems only vague to me. It has been so many days.

After seizing the pulsing triangle I am whisked to the front of the temple. Confused and blinking I ignore the Octorok, much to my chagrin. It immediately wounds me, bring my self-impressed reverie to a close.

I must pause and decide where to go next.

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