Day 46

Day 46

Day’s journey


I gained the far North chambers. When I arrived there was a door with a key. I was sorely tempted to use the key from the third temple, but what will I do if when I return there if I use it now?  Thus resolved, I applied myself to the task of learning how to slay these yellow boomeranged guardians.  From below and behind works well. I am luck that my shield withstands them. I do not know what my fate would have been if I had not patiently collected the money to purchase it. However, if they catch me from behind or while running away I am hurt.  Unlike the skeletons, which take only 2 strikes to kill, these new foe take 3. I am sorely tested, but when they vanish leaving a key I am glad my efforts were justified.

Unlock the chamber to the west I spy a stairwell surrounded by blocks like the one I moved in earlier temples. The trick is to determine which way to move them.  My first instinct is to push all the stone to the center, perhaps the stairwell will rise? But when neither the the first block by the door does not budge, nor when I risk life and limb to attempt pushing the northern block – teasing the barbed wall spikes by hoping in and out of their lane – I try simple pushing the block blocking the stairwell out of my way.  I hear a happy tune and my path is free!

I will admit a great deal of nervousness I push below. I have not much health and I am unsure what I will find. A treasure chamber with the winged vermin that are my bane. I stay perched on the stairs while picking them off one by one. I dare not enter the chamber while they are still swooping and moving about.

It turns out my treasure is a bow! Now I wish I had bought the arrows. I suspect I might be needing them against my dragon foe.

Quite surprised to be alive, I wander back through the dungeon.

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