Day 37

All the lands visited on day 37

All the lands visited on day 37

Another most eventful day. I began with the simple intent of spending as many days as needed to gather the 42 rubies that were needful for the purchase of the shield and those intriguing bombs. The bombs more than the arrow because they were cheaper and presumably could be used by me right away.

Octorok drops 4 bombs

Octorok drops 4 bombs

I headed east to the purple Tektites who frequently drop treasure. I was abundantly rewarded… twice! Creatures seem to breed and grow quickly in this land. Or else there is some deep cavern from which an endless supply of my foes crawl forth… I must push that vision aside…

What I mean to communicate is that when I returned from octorock and orange tektite slaying in the west, much to my surprise the lands in the east were populated with a fresh crop of beasts and vermin, still loaded with treasure.

This phenomena will be a mixed blessing. I am not sure if it was time or the amount of distance I had put between me and the lands I had previously visited, but they were fully renewed. Today it was useful. It allowed me to collect more wealth more easily than I had dared hope, but there will be days that the return of my enemies will simply serve to exhaust rather than reward.

Two more interesting phenomena rewarded me on this day. Now that I have found their homes the fairies seem to be less shy. I encounter them more often, it seems. This may not be in truth, but I wonder.

Again perhaps it happened now only because I have learned of their existence, but as it turned out I did not need to purchase bombs. The blue Octoroks seem to keep a stashes of them… how and where I do not know.

Finding this tidbit of information luckily happened on my way back to the 3rd Merchant, found 3 leagues north and 3 leagues east of my Glen of Good Mornings. I will call him the Merchant of the Purple Tektites because he is formidably guarded.  No need to acquire bombs,  I bought his large shield.

Such a purchase needs to be tested and I found that it was good but not a cure all. Against many projectiles it works well, but the flying whirlers make quick work of it. I returned to the fairy pond many a time to renew while I tested the limits of my new protection.

Reasonably satisfied and full of health, I reviewed my full map again and noticed that I now had but one bit of coastline of the inland sea left unexplored and ventured towards it.   I arrived at the shore in reasonably good health… to find a bridge, vengefully guarded.

Attempting to gain access cost me my life.  Another full experience. I go to my rest well pleased.

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