Day 36

Day 36, longest day ever.

Day 36, longest day ever.

Today I well and truly leave the dungeon and return to the sun.  With my new strength and skills it becomes a day truly full of new information and wonder.

I barely know how to communicate it all.

Firstly I review the map made over 10 days ago.

All the lands since I've started until now, day 25

All the lands since I’ve started until now, day 25

I decide first to head north as far as I can, perhaps I can curve around the lake? There is a waterfall to look for after all.

That was a fateful decision! I found a fairy in pond who restored me to full health!!  This find enabled me to

  • Attempt to look for a passage around the lake to the north
  • While, failing that, however I found a second merchant who sold new goods… including a shield for less than the one closer to my Glen of Good Morning. I was sorely tempted to buy the bombs and arrows, but the shield will serve me better. If only I can have patience…
  • I go off in search of funds and adventure, noticing there is a whole in my map at about the same place as the western fairy pond is to the east…
  • And Lo there is one!
  • The ability to restore health almost at will leads me to find yet a second glen with a merchant selling a shield at less dear of a cost.
  • I finally figure out what the clock does. It freezes time, but only in the immediate location.
  • And YES! YES! I find a waterfall!

I can barely put into words the full experience of not having to die, with no chance to heal but chance.



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