Day 34

I spent the day attempting to learn what I can about the weaknesses of mine enemy.

Blobs and bats I can safely confront. Especially if I lurk and fire at them from a distance. Speed and agility serve better than onslaught for the small, like me. I will not always be victorious but I have a chance.

Against the armored knights, I can hurt them with my sword when it flies, but it does not seem to be at great effect. I learned my lesson yesterday, if I am not at full health against them I am useless. I flee while I can to try my hand at other villains.

The hovering crackling incandescent orbs of the northwest chamber prove most vexsome.  No attack I can prepare has any effect! I make attempt after attempt, hoping to purchase knowledge with my life. Like a thief, they rob my vitality while revealing nothing.

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