Day 32

Map of the day's journey

Map of the day’s journey

A most invigorating day! A substantial push to all the way to the northern edge of the temple brings me face to face again with my benefactor of the sword or a close brother.

To receive his wisdom I solved a puzzle embedded in the architecture. Upon reaching the chamber 4 north of the entrance level I was face with a paltry 2 jelly blobs, but with a sealed door and moving barbs.  With painstaking footwork I slew the jelly blobs and their residuals, but no new treasure appeared. Thinking there had to be some trick… some reason here in this room that the doors would still not open I thwacked the center stones with my sword repeatedly. When sword strikes had no effect, I hoped a running push might lead to something. I started with the stone on the right, heaving my weight in all 4 cardinal directions. Nothing. On the second stone when I pushed it to the west, the sealed doors opened!

It is there where I met the old man again and he talks to me again about a sword. This one hidden by a waterfall? I wonder… by any chance is this waterfall near a graveyard? Is this the man to whom the woman referred?

There is a door to the west that stands open to me and I take it.  As soon as I cross the threshold the doors slam shut behind me.  I am in a dark chamber with bats and another key! I make it to the key, but the door does not open when I grab it. I must slay all the bats. I do, but it costs me dearly. A slight misstep on my way back towards the front of the temple costs me my life against a jelly blob.

Death by 1000 little injuries. Even when you’ve had a full run it is sad to be slain by such a feeble foe.

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