Day 28

All the rooms discovered in day three of being in the temple.

All the rooms discovered in day three of being in the temple.

A remarkable day. So much explored! I feel great pride in my stealthiness. My greatest victory came from despair, however. I had made it quite far into the temple, snatching keys from enemy guards and monsters until I came to a room which only would direct me back to where I came from, via the most fearsome foe! I watched the armored knights pace for a long time, but behind me lurked only three jelly blobs. I had not fought a single creature in this dark cavernous temple. Why not at least attempt to see what I in my lowly state could do against the slithering puddles?

When I stuck the blobs, they cleaved in two and both parts continued to twitch and slide. That gave me 6 foes, but not fearsome ones, if managing to approach them as they move away.  Not knowing what else to do, trapped as I was, I slew them all. When the room was cleared another key appeared!  This is a secret to know. I must be able to kill all the foes to receive my rewards.

I have not noticed the same phenomena out in the fields and beaches.  Curious. I wonder what magic protections linger here. Is it related to my quest?

Another fortunate discovery was again just lying on the floor. The room with spiked clappers 1 West, 2 North than 1 West again from the entrance had a compass in it. After snatching it up, the compass continues points always north east. I am unsure where exactly following its guidance will take me, but has a comforting heft.

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