Day 26

I awaken back in my glen invigorated and determined. I will fly fast… faster than I can even think, and I will arrive safely in the temple glen.

And my plan works, but I am caught by the tektite. It is a minor injury, but it ruins my plan to enter the temple full of health! I suspect I will be at a disadvantage in this temple. The foes in the landscape surrounding me are fearsome… will not worse dwell inside? I needed my flying sword.

I stuff the urge to play with the statues again. Worst case I flee the temple and can return to play with my smashing friends.

I reluctantly enter, full of fear.

But lo! The room is quiet! Too quiet? Will these statues leap to attack me as well? I creep to the door, carefully, and yet my feet betray me. I keep slamming my shoulders into the sides of the door. I must run away from the door and come back to it. No harm comes to me in this quiet moment… what will happen when I’m not alone?

In the next room there are ghostly blobs oozing across the floor. I have no desire to touch them… waiting for my moment I make a mad dash for the golden key lying on the floor and return immediately to my door way.  I wait again, trying to discern patterns in their dance, and dash again to the other door.

What is this! More blobs? An now I am in a channel and will be less able to run away? I try to move stealthily towards the door but become trapped! In horror I watch the gelatinous masses move inexorably closer. I do not know which motivation I fear more, mindlessness or malice.

What will I discover?

What will I discover?

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