Day 22

Day 20's full journey

Day 20’s full journey

Path: North, West, West, North, East, West, South, West, West, South

On my rising, I review my new map, I noticed that I have ventured far to the east but not much at all to the West. I choose to go forth with the sun at my back.

The foes at the bridge appear formidable, and, checking my map I notice I have yet to explore a small bit to my north and I sneak past the guardians of the bridge, only to find Zola waiting for me again! Confirming that the lake does indeed continue back to where I have sketched before and then returning to cross the bridge costs me dearly.

With gratitude I see a cave and seek respite immediately. The cryptic woman from the cave by the river awaits me… but she says… nothing!

I stand waiting for quite some time. I try stabbing her with my sword in my impatience, but she placidly smiles unaffected. I can only stare. We wait as I let the silence of the cave sink deeper into my skin. I am confused. I am in poor health. What lesson is here that I cannot grasp. My mind turns to quick and too fast, too desperate for her wisdom. I try to wait for the wisdom to find a way into my cluttered mind.

She says nothing.

She says nothing.

Eventually I force myself from the silence, aware that I have only recorded a small amount of territory and determined to use my last drop of health to push as far as I can, again I head west. She is beyond me. I will grow and return.

The terrain turns instantly bleak and brown. A vibrant tree mocks its decreptied wizened neighbor with its vigor. What taint is this? Fire? Blight? Sorcery?

There is little time to contemplate, the large hulking beasts that I encounter to the east again dwell here in even larger numbers. I flee to the south, where a blue lumberer ends my day’s quest.

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