Day 17

All the lands visited in day 17

All the lands visited in day 17

PATH: North, East, North, West, West, North, East, East, South, East, South

A thrilling journey today. I was set by the urge to run and explore as much as possible, and also attempt to remember where I had been with crude maps.

In reviewing my travels I noticed I seem to have lost some rubies mid battle. It happened lake side 2 lengths north and one length west of my glen. Curious. I will have to attend to my pockets.

I found another covey of the whirling fliers 2 lengths north and 2 lengths east. I shall call them Peahats. I ran, I am sorry to admit.  I was already poor of health. I will try to make it to that area again at full health to test my flying sword against them.

I made it to the south west corner of Peahat Lake. A large host of monsters awaited me there, and with continued pelting from the lake I fell. There was a glorious fairy released soon before I fell. I could almost feel the wind from her wings on my cheeks as my eyes closed. I suspect I might have felt greatly renewed if only I had been able to reach her.

I will try that experiment soon, but it was a good day. I am satisfied!

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