Day 3

Path: East 4

Happily I awake in my merry glen. I am still undaunted and wish to push to the furthest eastern reaches of the realm.

Moving east into the orchard when I catch and kill my first trumpet nosed rock hurling beasts a charming fairy appears. I catch her and she disappears with a song. I hope I get to see such a creature again…

I continue east through the 2 lengths of rock terrain, determine to vanquish the purple hopping monsters again.  When the last one perishes, it drops a pocket watch and I begin flashing! I run through pass again towards the water, hoping the change is the sentinel  of some new power.

When in sight of the glimmering water I am returned to my inadequate mundane self. I am buffeted again by the rising ghost creatures while pelted with rocks from the sea monster. My resolve stiffens as my vision fades to red.

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