Day 1, Journey Begins.

I am Link. I woke up this morning in a field knowing only that I need to collect the 8 pieces of Zelda’s triforce of Wisdom, and that Prince Gannon who stole the triforce of Power has her held captive. It would seem smarter to leave it in pieces, but I have faith that if I collect them I will be able to rescue her.

When I woke up I noticed a dark cave to the North side of my glen. A man in a red robe gives me warning that I must protect myself. I take it and he vanishes! There is a magical barrier. I cannot explore the back of the cave.

I move east, to where there is a peaceful orchard, but lo! There are red monsters spitting rocks at me. I try my sword and it flies from my hand like a bird killing enemies a great distance! I destroy the enemy and continue east.

The terrain turns rocky with blue arachnid monsters bouncing up and down. As I fight them, my sword stops leaping from my hand? But I stay the course slaying the blue bouncing spiders with great diligence.

I continue through the mountain pass to the east meeting more of the blue beasts. These demons drop money and bloody hearts, the eating of which brings me health. My sword sings from my hand again! It seems to respond to my full health. It is sad that when I need it most, this power will be withdrawn from me, but I am resigned.

Continuing eastward, I see a beautiful shimmer of water in the distance and yet these strange floaty blobs that melt in to the sand assail me while a monster emerges from the deep and I am again pelted with rocks.  I attempt to discover a defense, but I am unable to detect a pattern. I flee east with a shred of my health left… only to be assailed one more… meeting death.

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